Polycarbonate Half Dome Anti-Ligature Mirror

Half Dome Convex Polycarbonate Mirror

Polycarbonate Half Dome Observation Mirror

The DuraVision™ Half Dome Observation Mirror is a highly versatile unbreakable convex mirror providing a 180 degree wide angle reflection. When optimally positioned, the entire cell can be viewed at a glance from the observation window significantly improving officer and inmate safety.

The Half Dome mirror is ideal for use in cells, day rooms, visitation areas, or any other area that requires wide area surveillance. It is also perfect at T-Junction corridors, eliminating blind spots around corners.


Mirror quality polycarbonate provides long lasting, quality unbreakable mirror.
Distortion free reflective coating for excellent 180° viewing quality.
Powder coated steel frame for enhanced long life and appearance.
Unique tamper proof frame is virtually ligature free and very robust.
Recessed, tamper proof fixings increases security and reduces ligature risk.
Frame includes 7mm (9/32”) Counter-bore holes designed to take security head fasteners.
Optional Foam Insert to fill cavity and enhance strength.
Part Number Size Description
450x225mm (18x9") 450mm (18") Polycarbonate Half Dome with Frame with 6 x holes
17537HD 600x300mm (24x12") 600mm (24") Polycarbonate Half Dome with Frame with 7 x holes
17555HD 900x450mm (36x18") 900mm (36") Polycarbonate Half Dome with Frame with 10 x holes
21193 450x225mm (18x9") 450mm (18") Half Dome Foam Insert
21194 600x300mm (24x12") 600mm (24") Half Dome Foam Insert
21195 900x450mm (36x18") 900mm (36") Half Dome Foam Insert
Powder coated frame color: Almond/Beige

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