Testing, Installation and Approval

In 1997 Bennett Mirror Technologies started the development of DuraVision Polycarbonate Convex Mirrors for Correctional and Mental Health Facilities. The Polycarbonate mirrors were specifically designed to enhance prisoner, officer and medical specialist’s safety and security and was the leading factor in the development of these observation mirrors. The guidelines that were set out for the Polycarbonate range of mirrors were to be Unbreakable, Tamper Proof and Ligature free.

In 2004, we designed and developed our Stainless-Steel models for more extreme applications within the correctional and mental health environments.

While the frame design may differ between distributors worldwide, the effectiveness and quality of our mirrors and frames remain the same.

In conjunction with our Distributors in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, our Corrections range of Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel mirrors have recently received two accreditations:

  • The DuraVision range distributed by Securikey Ltd in the United Kingdom have been awarded “Secured by Design” police accreditation. Secured by Design member company status is awarded to companies producing security products that pass standards and tests nominated by the police service. The standards and related tests must demonstrate the product’s effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime, usually by resistance to physical attack. Secured by Design does not sell or provide any guarantees in respect of the product; it is the attack test standard which they support.
  • SKG-IKOB is the independent institute for testing and certification in the building sector and maintains its position as the top inspection institute by carrying out inspections and certification tests to the highest possible standards. Jislon (Europe) BV have registered and tested DuraVision polycarbonate mirrors for the SKG brand in The Netherlands and DuraVision polycarbonate mirrors are approved for installation in Dutch correctional facilities.

Duravision™ is now a specified requirement for all Australian Correctional Facilities Including:

  • Woodford Correctional Centre.
  • Wacol Prison.
  • Walston (SEQ1) Park Correctional Centre.
  • Borallon Correctional Centre.
  • Sir David Longland Correctional Centre.
  • Arthur Goorie Correctional Centre.
  • Lotus Glenn Correctional Centre.
  • Woodford Correctional Centre Extension.
  • Rockhampton Correctional Centre.
  • Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.
  • Goulburn Correctional Centre.
New Zealand
  • Mt Eden Corrections Facility.
  • Auckland Regional Women's Correctional Facility.
  • Rimutaka Prison.
  • Rimutaka Prison - Youth Unit.
  • Otago Corrections Facility.
  • Hawkes Bay Prison.
  • Waikeria Youth Facility.
  • Auckland South Corrections Facility.
  • Springhill Corrections Facility.
  • Tongariro / Rangipo Prison.
  • Wanganui Prison.
  • Manuwatu Prison.
  • Auckland Prison (Auckland East).

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United Kingdom
  • A range of polycarbonate and stainless steel models are the only institutional convex mirrors that have been awarded “Secured by Design” police accreditation.
  • Although no written permission has been given, commencing 2001 UK Corrections Authorities have permitted the use of DuraVision Polycarbonate Mirrors in cells and in 2004, the use of Stainless Steel Mirrors in cells.
United States
  • Adopted by a number of Federal and State secure institutions.
  • Dutch Government approved for installation in Dutch correctional facilities.
  • Polycarbonate mirrors and frames awarded SKG certification.
Hong Kong
  • Tai Lam Centre for Women.

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