Foam Insert For Polycarbonate Mirrors

Foam Insert

The use of Foam Inserts increases the life of the mirror in high risk areas by filling the cavity behind the polycarbonate mirrors. The Insert is made of high density foam and is sealed to ensure that the integrity of the paint, mirror coating or polycarbonate are not compromised.

It is crucial that the insert and mirror face be able to move independently to ensue that the polycarbonate can still flex slightly whilst preventing significant mirror face depression.

Part Number Size Description
21191 450mm (18") 450mm (18") Full Dome Foam Insert
21192 600mm (24") 600mm (24") Full Dome Foam Insert
21193 450x225mm (18x9") 450mm (18") Half Dome Foam Insert
21194 600x300mm (24x12") 600mm (24") Half Dome Foam Insert
21195 900x450mm (36x18") 900mm (36") Half Dome Foam Insert
21197 300x300mm (12x12") 600mm (24") Quarter Dome Foam Insert
21198 450x450mm (18x18") 900mm (36") Quarter Dome Foam Insert

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